Novant Health: Information Architecture

Icon of a case studyAbout the Project

This project created a unified information architecture (IA) for Novant Health, a hospital system spanning North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Prior to the project, Novant Health had managed 20+ separate hospital and medical center websites. The new IA maximized the efficiencies of a single website, while still addressing the unique needs of the various properties.

Cropped screenshot of the Novant homepage. Visual design by CNTXT

“...20+ separate hospital and medical center websites.”


Taking account of every section of every hospital site, the team created a detailed taxonomy (an outline of all features).

Screenshots of taxonomy documents, demonstrating the proposed new taxonomy and a detailed analysis of current website.


Upon completion of the taxonomy, we created a detailed set of supporting wireframes.

Wireframe showing the progression from taxonomy to UX/UI recommendations

Hospital Content

Hospital items covered information about the individual locations and facilities.

Another wireframe that shows how some UI elements were designed to be used global, while other elements were specifict to individual hospitals.

Unified Information Architecture

  • Directly addressed user needs of patients, visitors, doctors, employees, job seekers, investors, and members of the media.
  • Increased the opportunities to market and merchandise content across the website, opening avenues for increased event and social marketing efforts.
  • Improved the user experience of key functional areas, including Maps & Directions, Find a Doctor, Send a Message, ER Wait Times, Pre-Registration, Contact Us, and Events.
Flow chart showing how the various hospital websites were interconnected. For example, how the hospital network shares a single set of corporate content.

The website has continued to evolve since launch, as Novant Health introduces new facilities, services and content. The comprehensive IA has served as its armature, furthering both systemization and versatility.